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Hotel Mozart - Fam. Krenn
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße 25
5640 Bad Gastein, Salzburger Land, Österreich

Tel. +43 6434 2686 • office@hotelmozart.at

Health noticeable close: your thermal bath direct in the hotel

For a healthy therapy experience you don’t even have to take a step out of the Hotel Mozart. Take your thermal bath in the hotel. The Hotel Mozart gets its fresh water daily from the healing springs in Bad Gastein. One bath is originally maintained from 1927 – it gets you the flair from the 20s. The second bath got renovated in the last year.

A thermal bath in the Gasteiner healing water helps you with:

  • Chronical pain and restriction of the musculoskeletal system
  • Restriction of the airways
  • Geroprophylaxis
  • Prevention
  • Failure of regeneration, circulation and immunologic balance of the skin

That’s how the radon helps you in the therapy-healing bath

Since the 17th century the water of Bad Gasteiner thermal springs is recognized as healing water. Since nearly that long it gets used as a healing bath. When you want a time out you can take a bath in the 37 – 40 degree warm bath.

What happens when you take a healing bath? You absorb the noble gas radon through the lungs and the skin. Alpha rays get set free, the cell repair mechanism gets stimulated and free radicals get reduced. These processes operate against the chronical inflammation and allergies. Additionally the pain transmitter “Substance P” gets retained which supports the long time ease of pain. After three hours radon has left the body again. Science approves with countless pain free patients: Nature heals in Bad Gastein!

You have questions about the thermal baths in the Hotel Mozart? Send us your request!

“On my numerous health cures in Bad Gastein I always got treated well. They helped me as much as they could with all my little emergencies I had. This gives me the feeling that every time I stay here is coming home again. Thank You!” Hannelore H. from Delmenhorst

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